Transition Program

Center School Work Readiness Program

It is an expected rite of passage for a young person to make the transition from school to work, taking on the responsibility of becoming an adult and living in the “real” world.  However, for students with special needs this rite of passage cannot be taken for granted.

Students come to The Center School because they need an alternative to regular high school. However, just because they complete the course work and are ready to graduate, this does not always mean that they are ready to function independently in the “real” world.

Some parents may not be aware that under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) all school districts must begin transition services for a student at age 16 and provide support even after they have graduated, up to the age of 21.

The basic definition of ‘transition services’ is a coordinated set of activities focused on improving academic and functional achievement which will allow a student with disabilities to successfully move from school in to the adult world.

We offer a Transition Program for ages 18 to 21, that begins in the classroom, crosses over into real world situations with special guidance and support, and then transitions students into a real job that is matched to their skills and aptitudes.

The Center School’s Transition Program is not only focused on job related skills, it also focuses on independent living skills and helps each students zero in on what they are good at, rather than just how to find a job.  Click Here to Read More About Our Transition Program