The Arts

Visual, Performing, and Practical Arts:
Skilled teachers guide students to develop their full potential in a multitude of creative and practical projects. All students in elementary and middle school receive instruction in Art, Life Skills, and Music. Woodshop is offered to older elementary students and all middle school classes. High School participation in all areas is on an elective basis.

The Art program offers activities from A (abstract art) to Z ( Zimmerli Museum ). Creative projects are designed to help students achieve personal insight and growth and promote problem solving.

Five-credit courses are offered to creative high school students in Art Studio and Fine and Practical Arts.

The Elementary and Middle School receive general music instruction, instrument identification, and chorus. High School courses focus on Music Appreciation and History. Special features include basic vocal and instrumental training, an Annual Variety Show, and trips to musicals.

Students increase proficiency in the use of tools, materials, equipment, and processes in the woodworking field. Five-credit courses that address advanced techniques are available to high school students. Projects are chosen that help students develop a sense of pride, accomplishment and self-worth.

A multifaceted approach that helps students with transition skills may focus on careers, money use and management, social skills, ethics, and/or cooking. High School courses are offered in Career and Employment Orientation and Cooking. Other highlights include operation of a School Store and a lunch “Bistro.”