Somerset County Business Partnership 2013 Economic Vitality Award winner!

All centerpieces were created by our talented Center School students!

SCBP 2013 Economic Vitality AwardThe Center School in Branchburg, a private, non-profit, state-accredited facility for bright, learning-disabled students, has earned a 2013 Economic Vitality Award for continued growth over the past 42 years, support of the communities served, and innovative teaching techniques that prepare students for further education or entry into the workforce.

Founded in 1971 in a church school in Bound Brook, NJ, The Center School served 34 students with a staff of 15. With effective leadership and community support, the school has grown to its current 41,000 square foot leased location with a plan to relocate into a solely owned 79,000 square foot Somerset County facility by mid-year, 2014.

SCBP 2013 Economic Vitality AwardThe Center School K to 12 and Transition Programs currently serve children, teens, and young adults from more than 50 school districts in the former Old York School in Branchburg, preparing students for future educational and vocational experiences. Over the past five years, implementation of technology has helped change the methods that teachers address classroom issues, enhancing the educational experience for the students with laptops and iPads providing interactive opportunities for learning. The recent leasing of a retail resale storefront in Somerville will train high school students and impart employment skills in preparation for mainstreaming in to the work force.

The Branchburg location for The Center School supports local retail and restaurants while utilizing the services of recreation outlets including the Manville Movie Theater and the Branchburg Sports Complex.

Elements of the expansion plan include labs providing experience in various careers; partnering with professionals to assist students in perfecting job placement skills; developing collaborations to share services, saving money without cutting programs; and participating with the Service Learning program at Raritan Valley Community College to provide students with in-class learning opportunities.

For their commitment to education and workforce development, their commitment to Somerset County, and their commitment to growth, we honor The Center School as a recipient of a 2013 Economic Vitality Award.

– Troy G. Fischer, Chair, Board of Directors