Center School Elementary School

Our Elementary School program content focuses on acquisition of basic skills. These skills are viewed not only as ends in themselves but also as tools to support a continuum of learning.Center School Elementary School

The program is carried out through small group instruction that considers unique learning styles and personal strengths and weaknesses. Instruction may take place in situations that range from individual tutoring to groups of eight to ten. Curriculum objectives are adjusted in rate of presentation, quantity and quality of work, and sequence of instruction as indicated by the needs of the student.

NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards are addressed in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Written Expression
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Life Skills
  • Physical Education
  • Art & Music
  • Computers
  • Wood Working (for older elementary students only)

Center School Middle School

The Center School an NJ special needs Middle SchoolCenter School Middle School skill development is emphasized in small, self-contained settings while varying degrees of departmentalization are introduced. Students begin learning to adapt to different teachers and class groups through many special programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each class. Transferring authority, developing organizational skills, and increasing personal responsibility prepare students for returning to district or advancing to Center School ‘s departmentalized high school program. Academic instruction and materials are adjusted for each student on a continuing basis.

NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards are addressed in the following areas:

Language Arts
Social Studies

Computer Skills

Physical Education
Life Skills
Wood Working

Center School High School

Center School High School studentsOur High School offers a comprehensive academic program. Up to 35 credits can be earned each year; these credits are transferred to the student’s high school transcript in his/her home school toward graduation. Upon completion of courses, a student is eligible for promotion or graduation within the local district. After leaving Center School, many options are available to students: a return to the district high school, a vocational program, another private school, a college, the workplace, or any combination of the above. Shared-time programs with Center School are also possible. The homeroom teacher guides the student’s daily program. Homeroom periods provide a time for class meetings, socialization and planned activities. Academic instruction is provided in small groups with remediation and assistance always available.

The Center School Robotics Team Competition

The Center School , a private, non-profit, state-accredited facility for bright, learning-disabled students was founded in 1971 by a small group of concerned parents and educators. The first location was a church The Center School High School Robotics Teamschool in Bound Brook, New Jersey. The doors opened in September 1971 with 34 students and a staff of 15.By 1976 the need for more space was critical, so the school moved from Bound Brook to Warren, New Jersey, where a newly vacated public school was rented. There was now space for an enhanced special education curriculum with a maximum of 13 classes.

It continued to be apparent, however, that Center School needed a building of its own. The Warren school was rapidly reaching its maximum student capacity, and local public schools were beginning to reclaim their rented facilities. Consequently, a vacated Highland Park school built in 1915 was purchased; major renovations and state required upgrades were completed prior to opening in September 1989.

Since 1971, there have been many changes at Center School. The student population is now four to five times larger then the original enrollment with corresponding expansion in staff and budget. There are three separate divisions including an Elementary, Middle School, and High School which provide individualized programs that adhere to New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Although the number of school districts served each year is usually between 55 and 65, approximately 150 districts have made referrals to Center School. Disabilities served have included Learning/Language Disabilities; Dyslexia Spectrum Disorder affecting Reading, Spelling, and Written Language; Mood Disorders/Bipolar, Depression; Anxiety Disorders/OCD, PTSD, etc.; Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Adjustment Disorders; Asperger’s Syndrome; Motor Skills/Sensory Integration Deficit; and Tic Disorders.

A long-standing record of creative shared-time scheduling, a strong return rate to local districts, and frequent transition to higher education reflects Center School’s philosophy of preparing students for future educational and vocational experiences.It is hoped that with ongoing support by dedicated members of the Center School community, our services will continue to expand to meet the ever growing needs of our student population.