How police keep our community safe

Branchburg NJ Police DeptartmentThe Center School asked Branchburg Police Department to come in because we were doing a unit in Social Studies on the community and its helpers. Officer Elbert came in and discussed how police keep our community safe. He discussed the many aspects of his job, making sure people are following the laws (ex: driving the speed limit), tending to any emergency calls (fires, accidents etc.) Many of the students were interested in his uniform and what he carries with him to keep himself, and others safe. He also showed all of the students his police truck. He explained what every police car carries with them at all times in case of an emergency (flares, fire extinguisher, traffic cones) as well as why the vehicle is set up the way it is (the back seat is separate from the front seat and separated by bars). All of the students even got to sit in it! Overall, students were really excited to have the opportunity to meet a real police officer and ask him some of their questions!