Speech & Language

The Center School Speech & Language ProgramThe Speech and Language Department consists of a team of certified Speech Language Pathologists who have areas of expertise that address a full range of speech and language disorders.  This range of expertise allows The Center School to best meet the needs of our students and their unique communication challenges.

The focus of the department is to optimize educational achievement and create independent learners. Through collaboration with other Center School professionals, services are tailored to meet the student’s individual needs. Our therapists provide instruction individually, in small groups, or within the classroom setting using research based intervention approaches.  The Speech and Language Department provides ongoing consultative support to a variety of staff, including classroom teachers, counselors, reading specialists, and occupational therapists regarding educational planning for individual language and communication needs in the classroom.

Some materials and methods used to address the unique learning style of our students may include:

Orton-Gillingham Principles
Wilson Reading System
Read Naturally
Lindamood Bell – Visualizing & Verbalizing, Seeing Stars, and Lips
Diana Hanbury King’s Writing Program

Skills Are Addressed in the Following Areas:

  • Speech Disorders
    • Articulation
    • Fluency
    • Voice
    • Oral Motor Planning
  • Language Disorders
    • Development of Written Language
    • Oral Language Development
    • Receptive Language & Auditory Processing
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Word Retrieval
    • Expressive Language
  • Cognitive Challenges
    • Executive Function Skills (planning, organizing, time management)
    • Comprehension
    • Theory of Mind
  • Literacy Development and Academic Support
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading Comprehension & Fluency