Social Skills Program

Our peer group interventions provide opportunities to address many goals including the promotion and acquisition of age appropriate social skills. We employ some of the following techniques during our sessions:

  1. Utilizing social stories, a technique that asks a student to provide details of a real life situation. This allows the clinician to discuss the implications of each situation and provide appropriate guidance.
  1. Employing discussion prompts, for those who may experience difficulty initiating discussion and interaction. This is a technique where a student is given a line to use when in social situations. A student might be taught to say “hello, my name is…what’s yours?” Additional prompts would be added as necessary.
  1. Direct discussion of issues related to social situations. This most frequently used technique involves a less directive format where students discuss situations that occur in their daily lives. Guided by help from the clinician, students arrive at useful and appropriate solutions to issues that they present.