The School

Elementary School:
Program content focuses on acquisition of basic skills. These skills are viewed not only as ends in themselves but also as tools to support a continuum of learning.

High School:
Skill development is emphasized in small, self-contained settings while varying degrees of departmentalization are introduced. Students begin learning to adapt to different teachers and class groups through many special programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each class. Transferring authority, developing organizational skills, and increasing personal responsibility prepare students for returning to district or advancing to Center School ‘s departmentalized high school program. Academic instruction and materials are adjusted for each student on a continuing basis.

Post-Graduation/Career Planning:
The Lifeskills Transition Program at the Center School.  This program is a comprehensive integral part of the educational offerings at this school.  You can learn more about transition and the classes by clicking on the areas under navigation on the left.   Please check out the area of class announcements for homework and Bistro menus.

Project Acceleration:
Center School has been approved by Seton Hall University to be part of Project Acceleration; a program where students receive college credit for advanced classes taken in high school