Related Services

Center School Counseling Related ServiceCounseling:

The clinical staff includes full-time social workers as well as a psychiatrist who consults weekly to assess students and meet with staff. Counseling goals target problems that are unique to each child as well as those that many students share. A sample of problems addressed could include self-esteem related to past school failure, difficulty with social skills, impulsivity, poor judgment, maturity level issues, frustration tolerance, anger management, conflict resolution, and anxiety.  Click here to more info

Occupational Therapy:

Sensation is the detection of stimuli (environmental or bodily events) whereas Perception is the organization and interpretation of sensory information. To perceive the world accurately the senses must first respond with the optimal level of activity needed to accurately detect the source of the stimulation.  Click here to more info
Speech & Language:
Traditional speech/language disorders are addressed as needed; however, the primary goal of the Speech/Language program is to support development of language and literacy skills necessary for effective classroom performance.  Click here to more info