At Center School, all Elementary and Middle School students have art as part of a 5-week elective cycle. In Elementary School, art activities are playful and exploratory. Each activity is designed to expose students to new materials: or to allow students to experiment with an unfamiliar technique. Emphasis is placed on the creative process rather than creating a finished project.

In High School, students are encouraged to think of themselves as part of a long cultural tradition of artistic production. Before each project, students examine historical and contemporary artworks and are introduced to relevant concepts from other subject areas: history, mythology, psychology, etc. Preliminary skill-building exercises help to build student competence in new media. Creativity is encouraged and constructive criticism is offered. Individual project themes are designed to be flexible enough to maximize student investment in their own artwork. Specific respect is given to the role that art making often does play in adolescent identity formation.

Computer Technology:
Courses include: Photo Editing and Illustrating, Video Production, 3D Modeling and Animation, Game Design, Desktop Publishing

High School Mathematics:
Courses include: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, College Prep

The Arts – Visual, Performing, and Practical Arts:
Skilled teachers guide students to develop their full potential in a multitude of creative and practical projects. All students in elementary and middle school receive instruction in Art, Life Skills, and Music. Woodshop is offered to older elementary students and all middle school classes. High School participation in all areas is on an elective basis.

Reading Development and the Speech/Language Program:
Classroom teachers at Center School are primarily engaged in providing curriculum based instruction tailored to individual students’ learning needs, whereas the role of the Speech Language Pathologist is to provide intervention that addresses underlying developmental lags and deficits. There is ongoing coordination between the classroom teacher and the Speech Language Pathologist.

Information Technology: Curriculum & Programs:
All staff and students have access to a fully networked, state-of-the-art computer lab. Equipment includes computers installed in ergonomically correct desks, flat screen monitors, color graphic printers, scanners, DVD writers, overhead projectors, digital and video cameras, color copier, laptops, Danas, a large plasma screen for the high school science lab, and an extensive DVD and CD library. Regular instruction for all classes includes a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to meet individual needs, interests, and levels of expertise. Special activities are offered during and after school for students interested in information technology.