Photo Editing and Illustrating

Course Description: What Is This Class About?

Photo Editing and Illustration is a marking period course that teaches the basic features and functionality of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It focuses on the creation of bitmap and vector artwork.

Rationale: Why is it Important To Learn This?

Computer based design programs are now used in many industries, and the tools and techniques provided in this class are the current standard in the business world. These programs also provide the foundation needed to move on to more advanced design programs. Additionally, computer based design is an excellent way for students to express themselves, especially if they lack traditional art skills.

Course Goals:What Are We Going To Do In This Class?

During the marking period we will be creating original art through the use of drawing tools. In addition, we will be learning various editing techniques, including the use of layers, channels, masks, selection tools, and special effects. For the illustration portion of the class there will be an additional focus on shapes, curves, patterns, brushes, and arrangement of objects.

Course Concepts: What Will I Learn In This class?

Unit Major Concepts
We will learn…
How to use painting tools such as the paintbrush and pencil
How to use selection tools such as the marquee, lasso, and magic wand.
How to organize and add effects through the use of layers.
How to create text, including tracking/kerning and leading adjustments.
How to perform image adjustment via levels, color balance, and filters.
We will learn…
How to create and edit Bezier curves.
How to create and transform basic shapes.
How to create basic patterns and repeats.
How to organize a design through arrangement adjustment and layers.

Students will complete several lessons, each of which will be individually graded based on the lesson rubric. Grading criteria is listed on the rubric itself. This process will allow students to assess their own work, and continue to refine it until they feel it meets the standards described in the rubric.