Middle School Explorers at Liberty Science Center

Middle School Explorers at Liberty Science CenterOn February 16, 2014 The Center School Middle School Explorers Club took their first journey EVER apart of the schools extra curricular programs. The first trip led our little travelers on a journey to Jersey City where they visited Liberty Science Center. Their faces lit up as they strolled through the exhibits. Being able to walk through the various exhibits such as Infection Connection, Our Hudson Home, Eat or Be Eaten, and the special Gridiron Glory were among the favorite of the voyagers. The climax was the IMAX movie “Great White Shark” that featured clips from the movie Jaws which had everyone on the edge of their seats .The second trip sent the little explorers to the big bad Bronx to watch a show down between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. The weather for the game was absolutely perfect! Sunny, 74 degrees with clear blue skies and a light cross breeze. The game started poorly for the Bronx Bombers, when the Rays jumped out to a 2-0 lead coming off two homeruns by the Rays. The Yanks were able to turn it around in the bottom of the 4th and came together to score a couple of runs With Mr. Mo-Mentum changing his address, the Yankees went back-to-back and began the onslaught of the Rays. Yankees were able to stick it out and hold on for the 9-3 win. With balls flying out of the park right and left, the kids had a phenomenal time partaking in all the games, festivities and even making it on the Jumbo-Tron! Our next adventure we hiked the trails and explored nature at Hacklebarney State Park on May 21st.


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