Information Technology Program

Information Technology: Curriculum & Programs:
All staff and students have access to a fully networked, state-of-the-art computer lab. Equipment includes computers installed in ergonomically correct desks, flat screen monitors, color graphic printers, scanners, DVD writers, overhead projectors, digital and video cameras, color copier, laptops, Danas, a large plasma screen for the high school science lab, and an extensive DVD and CD library. Regular instruction for all classes includes a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to meet individual needs, interests, and levels of expertise. Special activities are offered during and after school for students interested in information technology.

School-wide Curriculum

  • Alphasmart/Dana Wireless Lab
  • Computer Literacy/Basic skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Inspiration
  • Internet Browsing: Research, Web Development
  • Keyboarding
  • Microsoft Home Publishing
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Mobile Laptop Lab
  • Report Writing: research, composition, editing
  • WeatherNet

Elementary School students receive weekly instruction in the above areas as well as in specialized programs. Middle School students receive daily instruction during the elective cycle:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Excel/graphs
  • Kidspiration (elementary only)
  • Storybook Weaver
  • Educational programs that facilitate problem solving and logical thinking and support skills in math, vocabulary, social studies, e.g., Carmen SanDiego, Tonka, Oregon/Yukon Trail, etc.

High School Courses and Programs for Independent Study:

High school students may take courses ranging from a one marking period elective to individualized five credit courses. Courses vary according to students’ needs.

  • CD Production: music compilation, cover design, liner notes, title
  • Web Design: page layout, graphic formatting, hyperlinks
  • Animation: keyframing, tweening, scripting
  • Digital Illustration: bezier curves, repeats, swatches
  • Video Editing: capturing, transitions, titles
  • Multimedia Design: Compositing, layouts, sound editing
  • Photo Editing: layers, filters, image adjustment
  • 3D Modeling: polygon design, shading, texturing
  • Film Production: screenplay, story board, acting, filming, editing

Hands-on Business Experience for Students

High School and Middle School students may participate in various computer-based activities that emphasize technology expertise and workplace skills such as personal responsibility, time management, budgeting, and communication.


This after-school program is mainly for high school students interested in *Information *Technology although some advanced 8th graders may participate as well. Activities focus on many aspects of IT*:

  • Hardware
  • Building computers
  • Installing wiring
  • Talking to sales representatives
  • Installing software
  • Talking to technical support personnel to solve problems
  • Performing maintenance tasks
  • Testing new equipment
  • Making recommendations for use of equipment
  • Inventory skills