Information Technology Curriculum & Programs

All staff and students have access to a fully networked, state-of-the-art computer lab. Equipment includes computers installed in ergonomically correct desks, flat screen monitors, color graphic printers, scanners, DVD writers, overhead projectors, digital and video cameras, color copier, tablet pc, laptops, Danas, a large plasma screen for the high school science lab, and an extensive DVD and CD library. Regular instruction for all classes includes a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to meet individual needs, interests, and levels of expertise. Special activities are offered during and after school for students interested in information technology.

School-wide Curriculum

  • Alphasmart/Dana Wireless Lab
  • Computer Literacy/Basic skills
  • Graphic Design
  • Inspiration
  • Internet Browsing: Research, Web Development
  • Keyboarding
  • Microsoft Home Publishing
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point
  • Mobile Laptop Lab
  • Report Writing: research, composition, editing
  • WeatherNet

Elementary & Middle School students receive weekly instruction in the above areas as well as in specialized programs:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Excel/graphs
  • Kidspiration (elementary only)
  • Storybook Weaver
  • Educational programs that facilitate problem solving and logical thinking and support skills in math, vocabulary, social studies, e.g., Carmen SanDiego, Tonka, Oregon/Yukon Trail, etc.

High School Courses and Programs for Independent Study:

High school students may take courses ranging from a one marking period elective to individualized five credit courses. Courses vary according to students’ needs.

  • CD Production: music compilation, cover design, liner notes, title
  • Web Design: page layout, graphic formatting, hyperlinks
  • Animation: keyframing, tweening, scripting
  • Digital Illustration: bezier curves, repeats, swatches
  • Video Editing: capturing, transitions, titles
  • Multimedia Design: Compositing, layouts, sound editing
  • Photo Editing: layers, filters, image adjustment
  • 3D Modeling: polygon design, shading, texturing
  • Film Production: screenplay, story board, acting, filming, editing

Hands-on Business Experience for Students

High School and Middle School students may participate in various computer-based activities that emphasize technology expertise and workplace skills such as personal responsibility, time management, budgeting, and communication.


This after-school program is mainly for high school students interested in *Information *Technology although some advanced 8th graders may participate as well. Activities focus on many aspects of IT*:

  • Hardware
  • Building computers
  • Installing wiring
  • Talking to sales representatives
  • Installing software
  • Talking to technical support personnel to solve problems
  • Performing maintenance tasks
  • Testing new equipment
  • Making recommendations for use of equipment
  • Inventory skills


  1. Derek Rogers says:

    I am graduate of 1996. Went to DeVry and worked at Rutgers as IT support. If needed help once in a blue moon, let me know.

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