Elementary School Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Marcie Fiorentino, Executive Director, The Center SchoolIt’s hard knowing how to approach your child about them needing an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and explaining to them that they’re not ‘normal’ .  Elementary school is when most kids start to realize that they are different; that’s probably the most important time to reach your child and help them understand themselves.  Help them realize that it’s not a bad thing to have an IEP, having one can actually be a tool to help you throughout the rest of your life.  At The Center School’s elementary school, we really work to help the children understand why they have an IEP and to understand how it can help them with their learning.  We have very intimate classrooms usually no more than 4 students in an elementary class. Each class has one or two professionally certified teachers  and a full-time therapist who works with the students and gets to know them really well.  The professionals are very proactive with the students and building their self-esteem is our aim while teaching them the social skills that they need to accept that they have something that is special about them.  We want them to understand that an IEP is something that they can turned into a strength as they grow and learn.

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