Elective Programs

Performing Arts:

Performing Arts at The Center School are enjoyed by all levels of the student population.

Elementary age students attend one Music and one Theater Arts Class per week. Social Skills will be developed through imagination, creative play, and vocal, rhythmic, and instrumental exploration. Students participate in Musical and Theatrical show cases throughout the school year.

Middle School students are offered Performing Arts in five week cycles. This enables students to develop skills introduced in elementary levels and creates a more intensified learning environment. Each cycle will culminate in an original product such as radio shows, commercials, pod casts, plays, and musical show cases. In addition, Middle School students may elect to participate in a Middle School Choir Program. Vocal techniques, musical literacy, and expansion of choral repertoire will be provided. Students will have opportunities to showcase talents in and outside of school.
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Information Technology: Curriculum & Programs:

All staff and students have access to a fully networked, state-of-the-art computer lab. Equipment includes computers installed in ergonomically correct desks, flat screen monitors, color graphic printers, scanners, DVD writers, overhead projectors, digital and video cameras, color copier, laptops, Danas, a large plasma screen for the high school science lab, and an extensive DVD and CD library. Regular instruction for all classes includes a comprehensive curriculum that is tailored to meet individual needs, interests, and levels of expertise. Special activities are offered during and after school for students interested in information technology.
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