Center School Counseling Related ServiceThe clinical staff includes full-time social workers as well as a psychiatrist who consults weekly to assess students and meet with staff.

Counseling goals target problems that are unique to each child as well as those that many students share. A sample of problems addressed could include self-esteem related to past school failure, difficulty with social skills, impulsivity, poor judgment, maturity level issues, frustration tolerance, anger management, conflict resolution, and anxiety.

All students participate in a weekly classroom peer group meeting led by a counselor. Individual counseling is provided on an as-needed basis, and groups are designed to include students with similar issues and interests. Crisis intervention is an important aspect of the program.

More intensive and direct intervention is provided within individual sessions. Students can share their personal concerns with their counselor and receive guidance to apply in their daily lives.

Individual Counseling is provided once a need for more intensive intervention has been determined. Individual sessions provide the requisite structure, openness and intimacy that allows for growth and change to occur. We take great care to select a counselor who will best fit your child’s needs, one who will work to promote their interpersonal and social growth.

Counselors also provide follow-up sessions for new parents, parent consultation as-needed for all students, and ongoing support groups.