Extended School Year Program 2014

The Center School - Extended School Year Program (ESY)We are pleased to announce that we have over 45 students for our Extended School Year (ESY) program! However, the occupancy we anticipate for July at the new building is 50 as they complete the project. So, we have decided it is in the best interest of all to hold ESY and the summer grant program in Branchburg. We will notify all districts and transportation. I know many students will be disappointed, but it will be exciting for September. Thank you for your support with the decision. And it is so great that the ESY enrollment is higher than it has been the prior two years we have had it!

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Extended School Year Program

Our Center School - Extended School Year ProgramThe Extended School Year Program provides additional time for students, beyond the school year, to help develop their academic and social skills. Each year, students are encouraged to pick their own topics for language arts projects which are presented at the end of the program.