Something is Fishy at Center School

Students created their own unique fish to hang in “our aquarium”, embracing this year’s theme of ‘We May All be Different Fish, But in This School We Swim Together’.  The additional theme incorporated for this marking period was ‘Acceptance’.DifferentFish

Taste It Tuesday

TasteItTuesdayGetting children to try new food items is never an easy task.  The Center School has ‘Taste It Tuesday’, where something new is introduced during their lunch period, on Tuesdays.  Students are encouraged to take a sample and ‘taste it’.  You never know if you like it, until you try it!

Parents Night Out

ParentsNightOut ParentsNightOut

Grandparents Day

The Center School hosts its Grandparents Day in November.  This day and its activities are shared with many special grandparents who are able to join their grandchildren for the afternoon.  The students always enjoy sharing their grandparents (and their stories) with their classmates and teachers.


Halloween Fun Day!

Halloween Fun Day is a much anticipated tradition at The Center School.  Students enjoy a visit to Norz Hill Farm where they visit the animals and find their way through the corn maze.  After their fun-filled trip to the farm, they return to the school for pumpkin decorating and Halloween activities, all while dressed in their favorite costumes.HalloweenFunDay

Middle School Explorers Visit Turtle Back Zoo

TurtlebackZooCenter School middle school Explorers club took their first trip of the year and visited Turtle Back Zoo.  It was a cold, rainy day but the students had so much fun visiting the animals!

The school has two Explorers clubs, one for middle school and one for high school, which offer a monthly weekend excursion to those who would like to participate.  The purpose of the club is to further educate students on current and historical events and places, as well as developing social skills and peer connections.

Center School Students Enjoy the Benefits of a Snoezelen Room

SnoezlenThe Snoezelen room (also knows as a multisensory environment) is just one of Center School’s successful therapy practices.  This therapy can be used to calm and reduce agitation of an individual through the use of gentle light, soft/soothing sounds, relaxing smells and touch.

Students Get a Kick Out of Fall Soccer

Center School is proud to offer various team sports to our students throughout the year. The Soccer program is a great place for students to start a sport and learn the valuable lessons of team work and acceptance, all while making friends in the new school year.  Let’s go Bulldogs!!


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Middle School Students Are Up to the Challenge!

Middle School math and social studies teachers pulled the students together in an integrated activity, using an adapted, large scale game of RISK.  Students were challenged to use strategy and coordinates, as well as answering trivia questions.MS-StrategiesIIMS-Strategies