3D Modeling and Animation

Course Description: What Is This Class About?

3d Modeling and Animation is a marking period course that teaches the basic features and functionality of the Bryce and Carrara programs, produced by DAZ 3D. It focuses on the modeling, texturing, lighting and animation of 3D objects.

Rationale: Why is it Important To Learn This?

3D design is a rapidly expanding field, with heavy use in the film, animation, and gaming industries. Although these industries use highly advanced software, the basic concept as and tools are quite similar to those found in Bryce and Carrara. Additionally, computer based design is an excellent way for students to express themselves, especially if they lack traditional art skills.

Course Goals:What Are We Going To Do In This Class?

During the marking period we will be creating 3D objects and scenes. In addition, we will be learning various tools and effects that will allow for the creation of primitive shapes, spline objects, and landscapes. For the illustration portion of the class there will be an additional focus on shapes, curves, patterns, brushes, and arrangement of objects.

Course Concepts: What Will I Learn In This class?

Unit Major Concepts
We will learn…
How to create and edit primitive shapes.
How to change an objects size, orientation and position.
How to create landscape features like mountains, oceans, and skies.
How to texture an object with premade and custom textures.
How to create simple animations.
We will learn…
How to make spline objects.
How to extrude objects and work with extrusion envelopes.
How to create nurb based objects.
How to create timeline-based animations .


Students will complete several lessons, each of which will be individually graded based on the lesson rubric. Grading criteria is listed on the rubric itself. This process will allow students to assess their own work, and continue to refine it until they feel it meets the standards described in the rubric.